vance loggins


RYT 200

My name is Vance Loggins and I am an RYT 200 with experience in teaching a variety of yoga styles to all levels of experience or capability.  My intention as your guide is to see you set free in your own sacred practice. 

Born 1990, into a farm in Midwest Texas, my mom entered me into competitive gymnastics 3-12 years old. From 12 - 18, I played American Football along with all the other sports and extra curricular activities. While playing football, I injured my knees year after year. Being an athletic performer all my life, had it not been for yoga, I would have lost my athleticism earlier.  After two ACL replacements at 18 years old, my course completely changed.

Instead of Marines in A&M, I was a thespian at Texas State University, graduating 2012, BFA in Acting, already a teaching assistant for stage combat alongside Phil Guevara, under Paul Shreer. Prof. Jay Jennings, introduced me to Chi and energy work. Nadine Mozon, guided my first sun salutation in 2009. Then Melissa Grogan, my first voice teacher, inspired me to teach. My sincerest love and gratitude to these teachers, especially my mother!

My transition into California was nearly immediate, in pursuit of a music career. Dance, was my counterbalance for the next five years, along with getting involved in the festival circuit. My tipping point becoming a teacher was losing mobility to past injuries. Once I recognized semi-permanent loss of flexibility I couldn't put it off any longer. I found "Peak Beings", with Troy McPeak, at Kalani Honua in Pahoa, Hawaii, from my research into "Ecstatic Dance." His universal teaching approach, gave me confidence securing a foundation of importance with tools we all share in our yogic journey, no destination needed!

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